“The New Beginning”
Thank you for being interested in saving our troubled youth generation.  You have initiated a move that others refuse.  Today's youth deserve our utmost attention and concern. The  EZ Prevention Program, Inc. is a high impact juvenile diversion program for at-risk and delinquent youth, and their families. The program educates participants regarding their legal responsibilities and the consequences of crime in order to guide them toward becoming productive citizens.

EZ Prevention Program, Inc have made an attempt to ensure our program is affordable.  We have chosen to serve culturally and economically diverse young offenders and their parents, giving youth a chance to move away from negative behavior an/or crime.  There "Must" be weekly attendance and participation in order to be a part of EZ Prevention Program, Inc. Candidates for participation are those who are:
  1- Having difficulties managing anger at (home, school,
      and/or socially).
  2- At-Risk and between the ages of 10-17 years old
  3- Committed to 16 sessions(weekly attendance
       and "participation")
  4- Able to arrange transportation to/from group sessions.

The program is "not" designed for adolescences that have untreated drug/alcohol abuse or untreated mental health issues or those with serious criminal histories.

"Our mission is to reduce and divert juvenile offenders and youth labeled "at-risk" away from the juvenile justice system through "counseling group sessions, group tours, recreational activities" and education for the youths and their parents.

During this process, our clients will gain the necessary information to assist them in controlling anger, making better decisions, demonstrate self-control, and finally, understand how to solve problems."

Already thousands of young males are incarcerated or on some type of probation.  We are driven to make a difference before allowing anymore of our future generation to be placed in the penal system.  By rewarding the clients for their hard work by accumulating points for participation,  they have the opportunity to win tickets for various community activities. We are here to serve, and will continue to reach out and gain the trust of the community.

NOTE: The National Institute of Justice "has found that deterring just one child from a life of crime saves society over $300,000 in crime related cost over a 10 year period".

The EZ  Prevention Program, Inc.(EZPP) is a Non-Profit organization designed to prevent "At-risk youth" from illuminating negative behaviors and outbursts of anger by enabling them to become self aware of their own actions.  Our staff consists of Degreed certified therapists and life skill consultants that have the education and life experiences to identify and assist in solving the underlying problem(s) of our youth.

EZPP is a 16 week Anger Management Prevention Program for boys ten to seventeen years old.  We bring families together with hopes of solving the "root" of the child's problem(s).  Our program gives youth confidence in themselves through group sessions (which is conducted for 1 Hr & 15 Min), one on one counseling, partnerships and field trips, and recreational Activities.

EZPP consists of a plan that accommodates the needs of the family.  Our plan engages youth in social skills, positive interactions, problem solving and relaxation techniques.  We want our clients to be able to identify the "trigger" moments before illuminating the negative behavior of outburst. Included in our plan are two field trips that illuminate the consequences of both behaviors; negative, as well as, positive behaviors, and also our clients are given a choice of recreational activities which includes: 3 weeks of Basketball Skills & Drills Training OR 3 weeks of Boxing Skills Training.

To begin, the at-risk youth and their parents or legal guardians attend one intensive family sessions to discuss plan of action.  Our program focuses on educational methods of deterring youth from unconventional behavior.


Ray Reed
Laura Strickland
Vice President
Ernest Radcliff
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